I am currently available for any kind of full time or part time work to help support my creative projects.


I received my Bachelor of Design (Visual Communication) at the University of Newcastle in 2005, Business Certificate IV from Hunter Business Center in 2007 and Electronics and Communications, Certificate III  at Hunter Tafe in 2014.


During my university study period I worked at a photographic studio where I performed design tasks, web development and created a business work flow and accounting database.

For the year of 2005 I held several contracts at the Australian Embassy, Washington DC, culminating in a temporary position as their Department of Defence, Web and Database Administrator. This role was also an introduction to cable termination and punching down network connections. I learnt that this kind of work needs to be neat and organised to avoid a future shitfight.

Upon returning to Australia in 2006 I operated my own business as a web service provider, specialising in visual design and deployment of open source content management systems (Plone and WordPress). In this period I experimented with developing websites on a discarded computer using only free / open source software including operating system, graphics and business accounting.

This was my introduction to account keeping and financial reconciliation. The most important lesson learned from this experience was that if I spend some of my time brewing beer (and more recently, diesel), I can work less and keep more money.

I held the position of I.T Coordinator at University of Newcastle Services Ltd from 2007 to 2009 Provided I.T. support and training to all staff. Here I maintained point of sale software and hardware for retail outlets and bars on campus; Reconditioned mobile point of sale terminals for use in large events; Maintained A.V. equipment for bars and function centre venues; Designed and developed the business’ website and extended staff’s standard operating procedures into wiki format.

Since then I have been contracting as a UI/UX designer. My projects have included Senior Designer for the New Zealand Transport Agency from 2010 to 2012, where I worked on interface design for their online Land Transport Programme funding and project management system;  and most recently Design Integrator for Hunter Councils Environment Division.

I have been the manager at the co-operative co-working office, The Roost Creative from 2012 to 2015, in Hunter St mall. In this period I oversaw the group being incorporated as an association and graduating from a Renew Newcastle incubated project, to taking a commercial lease for the office for around 25 creative professionals.

One creative project I have worked on at The Roost was a massively successful video game installation, which makes use of 8 salvaged eMacs, to form a continuous  array of screens which any number of players can play using their own touch screen devices as controllers. The game is collaborative, and players must communicate and coordinate their movements to succeed.

The latest project I collaborated on is another public installation, a giant set of headphones located on Darby St, Newcastle. When a person walks through the headphones they will play a song at random through an embedded speakers. A busker can also plug in and use it as a P.A. or alternatively anyone can connect to it as a “bluetooth headset”, though this is not advertised.

I have built the openenergymonitor.org in home energy monitor, which shows real time power usage versus real time solar generation, logs all this informtion as well as temperature inside and outside. I also built a surplus power diverter which uses our electric hot water as a power sink, but I haven’t had the balls to plug it in yet.